Developing High Potential Employees and Grooming Them for Future Leadership Positions

April 12, 2018 @ 7:45 am – 9:45 am
MCC Shah Center
4100 W. Shamrock Lane
IL 60050
$15 Members / $30 Non-Members

Program Summary:

The race for talent has been underway for some time now. For years we’ve heard that baby boomers would be retiring in record numbers and there would not be qualified employees to take their place. Organic knowledge is one of the most difficult things to quantify and manage. Unless people are aware of the issues or completely generous and transparent in sharing what they have learned from others, there is simply no way to know until it’s gone.

According to the article, “Turning Potential to Success, The Missing Link in Leadership Development,” in the November 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review, 66% of companies invest in programs designed to identify and develop high potential employees, but only 24% of the executives in those organizations feel the programs are successful (Fernandez-Araoz,2017). The article doesn’t address the number of companies that do not have such programs- leaving the talent on the table.


  • Measure what your company is currently doing to develop future leaders and determine how “at risk” you are regarding a leadership gap
  • Identify strategies for recognizing talent from within your organization
  • Build a case internally for the need to develop future leaders
  • Employ effective strategies for identifying and developing future leaders

Time: 75 minutes

Audience: Business owners, HR professionals, Training and Development Leaders


Cost:  Members – $15   Non-Members – $30